• Classes

  • Come and enjoy learning skills that could improve your fitness and boost your confidence. Most classes cater for all ages and abilities.

    There are classes in

    • Kenpo Dynamics
    • Judo
    • Ki Aikido
    • Shotokan Karate

    All the above cater for Adults and children alike. and finally we have

    • Mixed Martial Arts


  • Many non-martial artists believe martial arts to be a fitness activity where you can learn some cool moves seen in movies. However, the benefits of martial arts for adults are much more extensive than fitness-oriented benefits. Martial arts for adults can improve your mental strength, change your outlook on life, allow you to adapt to different situations, and improve your social life. we break down 5 benefits brought about by training in martial arts for adults.

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  • Despite its massive growth during the past three decades, there are still many parents hesitant to enroll their children in martial arts schools. Fear of injury, hand-to-hand combat and strict discipline prevent them from enrolling their kids in schools that actually spend more time teaching life skills than they do on sparring.

    In fact, practicing martial arts has numerous benefits for children that go far beyond self defense and fitness. Twelve key benefits have been summarised in the folowing article click Learn more to read on.

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